Thursday, 29 September 2011

Steps Reunion: A Blast From The Past

I'm old. I didn't realise quite how old I had become until last when I watched Living's latest show "Steps Reunion". It's been 10 years since Steps broke up! I cannot begin to explain how much of a soundtrack to my youth Steps music was, but here are a couple of examples. Last Thing On My Mind came out as I was exploring my sexuality and falling from crush to crush at an amazing rate. Stomp was THE song that defined my relationship with my first boyfriend. I cannot listen to it without thinking of him and the fun we had. When Steps broke up I was very sad. A few days later I ran away to Europe. Coincidence? I think so. But still... I loved them deeply. I thought Living's show would be rubbish, really fake and all just a thinly disguised lead into them on stage performing a few songs. I was wrong. Of course it is somewhat "fake" but I found it gripping viewing. This first episode was basically about discussing what led to the break up (some internal jealousy, Claire and H being diva-ish and H having a rather unprofessional relationship with the band manager) and checking up on what the five members have gotten up to since. The footage of their last concert, occuring mere minutes after Lisa, Lee and Faye found out the band was no more, was really engrossing as what may have been seen as tears of joy at the time became somewhat more significant and touching. The idea that they finished the concert, left and never saw each other again was pretty mindblowing. Such a major and successful band just falling apart in the space of hours. Amazing. I'm looking forward to next week's episode when the five members begin to discuss what happened. Drama ahead I suspect!

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