Thursday, 10 June 2010

Big Brother 11: The Final Showdown

Last night was Day One for the final series of Big Brother. In a slight twist, the housemates were "chosen" on the night as sent into the house from among a group of 81 hopefuls. Our housemates, sadly, seem to be the usual sort Big Brother sends in and not the rather ordinary types (for ordinary read.. erm... porn stars, lesbian nuns and a chicken fancier) of old. I.e. FREAKS.

We have:

Josie, a loud country girl.
Steve, a former soldier who was seriously injured in Northern Ireland (just waiting to see what sort of soldier [i.e. violent pisshead or honourable defender of these isles).
Rachael, she is pretty but conceited.
Nathan, wide boy.
Dave, loony Christian (no offence to Christians, in this case the two things might be independent)
Caoimhe, erm.
Govan, camp bisexual.
Shabby, pretentious middle class muppet/alt lifestyle hero. You decide.
Ife, seems interesting
John James, Aussie randomist. Only possible totty in house.
Sunshine. Sunset
Corin, common.
Mario, the wildcard normal guy chosen at random who is to act as BB's mole in house.

So. Same old, same old. I was looking forward to this series, but it looks like it just be BB by the numbers. I hope I'm wrong.