Sunday, 2 October 2011

This Week's Comics...

Justice League Dark #1

I have to say I'm not a big "magic" fan (odd, I know, for a former Wiccan). I'm more your science fiction/super powers sort of a comic book fan. But this was a well-done comic focussing on the weakness of the Justice League with regards to sorcery and establishing a justifiable reason for another Justice League branded team to exist. Plus the characters all stood out as interesting. I'll be sticking with this one.

The Flash #1

Well paced, well written and well drawn. It was my first ever experience of the Flash and whilst I liked it and will pick up #2, I'm not sure I'm fulling in love with the character... except for his looks. ;) I don't know if this will be a keeper.

Superman #1

I loved Action Comics #1 and Superboy #1 and liked Supergirl #1. But this final edition to the New 52 superbooks was dire. It read and felt like a 1980s comic, devoid of anything of interest beyond the new dynamic in Clark and Lois' relationship (or lack thereof!). By the numbers. I'll stick with it only because I got in the New 52 with the idea I'd do it for the superbooks. But still disappointed.

Green Lanterns: New Guardians #1

Yuck. There's a concept here that might work but nothing actually happened in this issue. Boring. But not bad like Catwoman or Legion Lost, so I'll pick it up again in the hopes something might happen next time.

Teen Titans #1

I liked this book, which set up a plot, began to introduce characters and slowly built-up things and was thus the total opposite of Green Lanterns: New Guardians. Plus Red Robin is cute. I liked this one.

Aquaman #1

My absolute fave of the final week of the New 52 launch. Aquaman is again a character I knew nothing about but I liked his stoic nature through the books. Yes, the insults were over done but the Trench look like they will make for an awesome threat for this story arc and look bloody scary!

Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #2 

My pick of the week. Myles' family background gets fleshed out for Myles and the reader this issue as Myles also discovers he's no mutant. He's Spider-Man! The last page was no huge reveal yet still has me yearning to read the next instalment.