Saturday, 3 November 2012

I Don't Have A Bad Feeling About This: Disney Star Wars FTW

I suppose it is time for full disclosure. Before I became obsessed with science fiction in all its many forms, I was a Disney fan.

It all started when I was about 5 and my Auntie's boyfriend was collecting Ducktales characters from Kinder eggs (he was about 15, so don't judge him too harshly!). I absolutely adored looking at them as I passed them on the stairs. Around that time I also became profoundly jealous when I found my cousin, who had taken over my room in my Nan's house after my Mum and I moved out, had got the room decorated with a large wall painting of Dumbo! I perused my Jungle Book merchandise and began a collection of Disney paraphernalia which would last until we abandoned our home, yes literally abandoned in the middle of the night, when I was 10 and it (along with my beloved Ghostbuster's toys and Monster in my Pockets) was lost to me forever.

I loved the movies; the Rescuers, the Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and I pined to visist Euro Disney. I never did get the chance.

So needless to say, I still have a soft spot for Disney even today. Even so when Disney purchased Marvel (which had almost seemlessly replaced Disney in my affections during our escape from Snodland to Folkestone) I was concerned. Was Disney going to totally mess up Marvel? I needn't have worried. Marvel goes from strength to strength, its new Marvel NOW! initiative is looking good and its Marvel movie universe is taking over the cinema.

So this week, when we got the surprise news that Disney was acquiring LucasFilm, I was happy rather than sad. The Star Wars universe has become sleeping giant, its full potential laying dormant. It need a new direction, a new leash of life. And I think Disney purchasing LucasFilm will provide it with the necessary kick up the bum to get it whirring back into action. Disney are going to want to see a return on their investment, and thus I think the next few years will be a new dawn for Star Wars even beyond the announcement of Episode VII.

Disney, Marvel and Star Wars. Together. Did all my Christmases just arrive at once? I think they did!!

Sunday, 30 September 2012

I Will Miss The Ponds: Doctor Who

When David Tennant left Doctor Who, I went through a bit of a sulk. He had been a superb Doctor, one of the finest performances of the lot. So I admit that when Matt Smith took over, I wasn't completely fair in my assessment of the 5th series. And Amy, the Doctor's new companion, irritated me.

She was too cocky, too pretty and, later in that series, when she tried to get off with the Doctor the night before her wedding, too cruel. I'll admit to feeling more like a casual viewer through much of the 5th and 6th series than a Doctor Who fan. I just wasn't getting it. But the gap between series 6 and 7 was filled with me revisiting the episodes. I grew to like Amy, her confidence and her loyalty. And I grew to believe that her husband Rory was one of the best companions of all time.

Their banter, their love affair, their crazy acts of devotion to each other. How could you not, ultimately, end up falling in love with the Ponds?

Now sure, there are still some things I find annoying about Amy's characterisation. Her actions in dumping a man who waited 2000 years for her just because she thought he might want more children which she could not give him seemed truly heartless. But these things are forgivable.

They spent a long time in the TARDIS (on screen that is, by the sounds of things they spent years travelling in it off screen!) and feel like such an integral part of Doctor Who that it's going to take a while to get used to it without them.

But what a way to go, eh? Brilliant stuff. Fare ye well Ponds!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

DC's New 52 - How Is It Going?

So last September I took the leap into DC comics for the first time. Due to taking a liking to this new universe, I expanded my selection of New 52 titles and I've continued with the vast majority of them.

What's Still On My New 52 First Wave Pull List

Action Comics

Grant Morrison has got into my mind! Shortly after getting back into comics, thanks to the new 52, I listened to his Supergods book. It was a very philosophical and interesting piece of writing, and has allowed me some insight into his thinking. This has made reading his run on Action Comics rather better than I was expecting. The most recent issue, set on Earth 23 with President Superman!, was absolutely fantastic. My favourite of the two Superman books by far.


I started off loving this book, the Trench arc was pretty good. It is now moving on to my probation list as the last few issues just haven't done it for me. I've felt bored and deeply uninterested in the character. I'm keeping it with it for now in the hopes it's just a bad arc and not an ongoing problem.


Batman is not my favourite character. Oh I liked the Adam West TV series, the camp 1980s/1990s movie series (except Batman and Robin which I can't watch), the Nolan movies AND the crossover with Judge Dredd. But really I've never felt like I got Batman. This book though is fantastic, rather dark and yet fun. The Court of Owls stuff is great!


I've picked this series up based on nothing but reading the two issues my brother got. It looked awesome. I'll admit... I haven't read the rest yet although it's still in my stack!!! I need to catch up so I can decide what I think...


I like that they are separating Batwoman from the Bat family for now, and allowing her a chance to be her own character. I like her and I'm interested to see where her story is going. I'm keeping this one on for quite a while yet.

Demon Knights

Not going to lie, I'm loving Demon Knights. It's a bit off-genre for me, but I like that too. I want to get to know the characters more and see where this team goes. I'm hoping this one runs long enough to really flesh this world out.

Green Lantern Corps

This very briefly headed towards the chopping block, Green Lantern stuff just isn't my thing. But the John Stewart story has now got me interested... I think I'll see that out and then find out whether I want to continue following these characters...

Green Lantern: New Guardians 

I really want to like this book but this is currently hot favourite to be cut to keep my comics budget under control. I'm just not feeling it.

Justice League

Hmm... I'm not liking this as much as I think I should. I'm quite interested to see more of Cyborg's story and  I like the Batman/Green Lantern love/hate relationship (get a room you guys!). But the actual arcs aren't gripping me. I'm putting this one on probation.

Justice League International

I was going to cut this completely. I just don't like the characters. But as it's being cancelled at issue 12, I thought I'd keep with it to see it through to the end.


I have the hots for Dick Grayson. Right now that's what is keeping me with this book. But I'm putting it on probation, I have enough Bat family books on my list and I'm going to start culling soon if things don't get going here.


I'm interested, really interested, in the characters in this book. I look forward to this book, to see how Apollo and Midnighter's relationship develops, to see if Jenny Quantam erases Midnighter from existence, to see more awesome talking cities. I just love this stuff!!!


Superboy has been infected with Legion Lost of late. I'm losing interest rapidly over this "The Culling" arc. It's getting close to being dropped.


I'm up for this book. Kara's journey, her anger at what has happened to her and her urge to just have a bit of a rest are all keeping me interested. I like the fact she pops up in other Superbooks laying down the law before returning to her search for peace.


It's alright, but nothing special. I'm looking forward to see where it goes though.

Teen Titans

Also infected by Legion Lost... It's getting close to being dropped now.

Wonder Woman

Absolutely LOVING this book. Fantastic stuff, completely different to all the other books. This, Stormwatch and Demon Knights are definitely my favourite books from the New 52!

What Has Been Cut

Legion Lost

Too many characters, none of whom I care about. DROPPED.

Green Lantern

Who? What? Why? Dropped.

Birds of Prey

It seemed okay but I had too many Bat books. I decided I wasn't really interested in these characters, expected I'd need to read Batgirl at some point too, so dropped this with some regret after issue 2

Swamp Thing

Didn't grab me. DROPPED.


Read the first two issues, seemed okay. But I needed to make some cuts just to keep the list relatively short. Dropped with a little regret.