Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Doctor Who: The Beast Below

The Beast Below was the second episode of Matt Smith's first series of Doctor Who and, as a Whovian, I have to say I bloody loved it!

Firstly... how eighties was this episode? Dark, industrial, a little quirky with a Doctor who is a pronounces words a little funny and is a bit disparaging of the human race occasionally. As a Seventh Doctor obsessive (BRING BACK ACE!) I smiled.

Secondly... Star Wars references. We'll take the 10,000 smileys I could just put here as read.

Thirdly... the story wasn't all that bad with the Doctor hot on the trail of a nasty little secret whilst Amy is trying to forget it.

Fourthly... Amy and the Doctor work very well together.

Fifthly... the end scene (not related to main story) in which Amy picks up the phone to Winston Churchill was awesome... DALEKS!!

I'm way too excited about next week now!!

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Clash Of The Titans

Last weekend Jim and I had a nice day out in London, which we ended with a trip to the cinema to see Clash of the Titans. 

I was expecting great things. A film steeped in Greek mythology (well themes thereof), with great special effects and hot men. How could it go wrong? 

By being dull, derivative and plain. This is not a BAD movie. I wasn't sitting there cringing and I didn't find the act appalling. But I was sat there wondering when the movie would get going. It never did. It was one boring scene after another and no reprieve. 

The ending was ridiculously simple, the Kraken being defeated so easily that any possible tension or excitement was completely lost. 

Avoid this movie if you can!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

A Weekend Of Sci-Fi

Despite the unwelcome absence of Caprica following last week's awesome episode, us sci-fi geeks were not without our pleasures. In fact, this week saw the welcome return of several US shows that been on hiatus and one British show which has the status of most eagerly awaited new season of the year!

Fringe - Peter

An episode of awesomeness. We are treated to flashbacks into Walter and Peter's past. Excellent acting from John Noble who really captured the youthful, sane Walter and his feelings over the death of his son. Tough choices and some wonderful little pieces of information drip dropped throughout and it was one hell of a return for Fringe. Sadly it looks like it wasn't so lucky ratings wise, which is a real shame.

Stargate Universe - Space

Space battles, new aliens, political intriuge aboard the Destiny. This was a great start to the second half of the series and adds some much needed extra excitement to the formula.

V - Welcome To The War

I have been trying to give this series a chance, and episode 5 marks it's return to our screens... it's good but it just isn't holding my interest. There's enough to keep me watching right now, but I'm a sci-fi geek. I don't know if there is enough to keep the main bulk of the audience interested. However the liberal use of half naked men throughout the episode may keep certain elements glued to the action!

Doctor Who - The Eleventh Hour 

OMG! That is of course, my obligatory statement. A new Doctor. A new companion. A new adventure. Let's go. And this episode was excellent, awesome and amazing. Matt Smith will be a great Doctor, Amy will be an interesting companion and a little sneaking part of the Time Lord Victorious shone through in the moment the Doctor stares in the giant Eye of the alien ship and simple state "Run". :)

And there was an epic moment when all the past Doctors were shown, and past enemies too, and I couldn't help but squeal with joy like some schoolgirl seeing her crush for the first time.

But... it's a minor thing but I always find the first episode of a new Doctor Who series to be a bit of a let down. Mainly because I've built it up so much, and it can never met my inflated expectations. As this happens every series, I know now it's me and not the episode that is the problem so I look forward to next week with my expectations firmly grounded in reality (i.e. no original series Cybermen, no half naked muscled adonis drapped over every scene nor Daleks in World War II.... ;) )